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The ALSI Apprentice  is a brand new approach to teaching people how to trade the ALSI & Futures in South Africa.

Our experience comes from tried and tested back testing and real trading over two years. We have helped people privately to achieve high rates of success in ALSI & Futures trading . Our success has been developed over time. Now it's time for us to pay it forward!

See us CNBC Africa channel #410 on DSTV every third Tuesday morning on the Open Exchange Show discussing our Technical Analysis of the Stock Markets! Our team members were appointed the only outside Stock Market Trader Training people for STANDARD Bank from 2009 - 2011 for our Advanced Stock Market course which we presented across the country on a monthly basis. With our Stock Market strategy Standard Bank clients were able to achieve in excess of 35% returns per annum. That same team has developed a method that Fast Tracks Day Trader Training using a Full Day ALSI Trading course followed by at least 3 weeks of LIVE Day Trading Room Skype chat & LIVE Real Time Trading strategy implementation as it happens on the ALSI Top 40 index!

We have developed the ALSI Apprentice approach which includes a Full Day ALSI Workshop  to ensure all participants are up to speed with the ALSI, our trading strategies and method. We believe that you will benefit most from the 4 weeks that follow! Do you agree that having access and continued ALSI Mentorship will help you succeed at trading?

Our ALSI Apprentice is a REAL TIME DAILY CHAT session pre-opening of the market on Monday, Wednesday & Friday which truly provides you with our experience in a mentorship environment. Come find out what the ALSI & Futures have in store for you. We now incorporate Screen Sharing Webinar type interaction so you can SEE TRADES we TAKE in REAL TIME and the TRADING Strategy we used to do it - Trading triggers and all!

Discover a month in the LIFE OF An ALSI & Futures TRADER!

Do the ALSI Apprentice with the Futures Trading Mentors in our 4 week mentorship programme!


Next ALSI Trading course is on the 2ND Sept 2013 In Sunninghill!

Course Fee: - R3950 for the day

PLUS you get ACCESS to the ALSI Trading room free for June!

Don't miss out!

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